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Hardwood floor damage

We have several years of experience behind us and we are sure we can accomplish the task of handling all of your water damage dilemmas regardless of the cause. Have your hardwood floors become victim to water damage? Rhino Water Damage Corpus Christi can help you. It is a high priority of ours to get your floors back to the way they were before the damage occurred.

If you leave water damage on your hardwood floors for an extended period of time, the risk is high for mold. Because of this, it is advised that you have water damage taken care of as soon as you can. Keep in mind; the longer you leave water damage untreated, the greater likelihood of additional charges that could’ve been prevented. Moreover, it is important to hire trained and experienced professionals to help you assess the problem and decide which route is the best to take when cleaning up the affected areas. Rhino Water Damage Corpus Christi wants to save you as much time and money possible, while still providing you with the finest service and excellence in flood and water damage restoration.