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Fire Damage Restoration

The people of Corpus Christi have been benefiting from the excellent quality damage restoration services provided by Rhino Water Damage Corpus Christi. We have been providing top of the line fire and water damage restoration services for years. Our service standard has become somewhat of a quality benchmark for smoke and fire damage restoration for companies throughout the South Texas region.

No matter how severe the damage, or how bad it looks, you don’t need to worry because Rhino Water Damage Corpus Christi will bring your wonderful home back to its original mint condition.

Fire Damage Cleanup – What is it?
One of the most common mistakes which people make is to come to us when the damage is too far along. Now even though we will still be able to help you, contacting us a little earlier will cost a lot less as compared to when you call us when a lot of damage has been done. Unfortunately, many customers think that the internet can provide solutions when in fact this is not the case because no matter what you do, you will not have the experience or tools to do what a fire restoration contractor can. The truth is that if your fire damage is so extreme that you can see it in the form of blackened ceilings and walls, painting them over won’t be a solution as well.
Furniture will lose its color, metal objects will start to rust and the expensive china you own will become so tainted that you won’t be able to bring it out in front of guests. Not only that, but the structure of the apartment or office will also start to lose its strength. Moreover, if you remain neglectful, the house or commercial property can be hazardous to your health as well.

Rhino Water Damage Corpus Christi – Why Us?
Rhino Water Damage Corpus Christi is available to you round-the-clock, 24/7 because as a damage restoration company we feel it is our moral responsibility to be available to our customers in case there is an emergency. This is why our response time to a site is under 30 minutes.

Once we reach your location, our recovery team will restore everything and bring back things to just the way they were.

Our smoke remediation service is performed with advanced and industrial grade service equipment and tools. We know exactly how to clean ceilings which have smoke residue because we use air scrubbers and fogging tools. Your years of investment, whether it is your home or commercial establishment, will not go to waste due to an unfortunate incident.

Rhino Water Damage Corpus Christi is a fully bonded and insured company that has the proper CSLB licensing and the IICRC certification. Our credentials are substantial and our team of professional experts have enough experience to make sure that your site is restored perfectly.

Our vast fire restoration services include:
● Carpet Cleaning
● Applied Microbial Remediation
● Odor Control
● Applied Structural Drying
● Upholstery & Fabric Cleaning.

When it comes to costs, Rhino Water Damage Corpus Christi is the most obvious choice in the entire South Texas region. We are well connected with the market and we believe that no one can match our service quality or pricing.

Act now by calling (361) 400-2300 and restore your home today. Rhino Water Damage Corpus Christi is just half an hour away from you!